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Nutrimaris - Caviar Oil, 180 capsules (1-3 months)

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Carefully extracted from Norwegian herring roe, from sustainable fisheries, for heart, eye and brain health.

Nutrimaris Caviar Oil it is rich in DHA and EPA phospholipids, essential for the development and proper maintenance of the nervous system, spine, brain, eyes and cardiovascular system.

Why caviar?

The egg is the origin of a new life. It exists solely to make nutrients available in their purest form. Caviar is the healthiest food we can eat, but it is usually very expensive. Furthermore, it would not be practical, nor pleasant, to eat kilos of caviar every day.

The capsules Nutrimaris Norwegian caviar oil allow you to take the basic nutrients contained in fish roe, at a very low cost, and in small gelatinous capsules, easy to swallow and digest.

How many capsules should I take?

We recommend taking 2-6 capsules a day, every day.

When will I see the beneficial effects?

After about 8 weeks you should notice an overall improvement in health, especially:

  • general improvement of cognitive functions;
  • good functioning of the brain and nervous system;
  • good eye and vision health;

Phospholipids are required for the proper functioning of neurons. To maintain the beneficial effects, it is necessary to take 2 to 6 capsules every day.

There are no known contraindications for taking Nutrimaris caviar oil.